DSTA Profile

The association was established in the year 1936 under able guidance of Seth Lalchand Hirachand, who was closely associated with Sugar Industry. In those days, machinery for sugar plants used to be imported and it was a great task to understand and operate the sugar plant and machinery. The farming practices of Sugar Cane cultivations were also in the development stage.

It was necessary to have an interaction between the Agronomists, Sugar Technologists' and Sugar Engineers of various operating sugar factories. Training to technical staff was also necessary. To undertake these activities, a common platform was rendered by D.S.T.A. covering the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Initially, the technical discussions on various subjects used to be conducted at the sugar factory level. Further, a forum was formed by way of submitting the technical papers on observations and research at factory level. The live discussions on papers, concluding the gist of papers was also started. It was felt necessary to have an office at a central place, hence Pune being central place, the office of the association was set up in Pune in the year 1967 and the annual conventions were being conducted in Pune.

The association has been ably supported by stalwarts from the Sugar Industry; namely Shri. D. M. Dahanukar, Seth Gulabchand, Shri. M. L. Apte, Shri. H. B. Girame, Shri. V. S. Shirgaokar, Shri. K. J. Somaiya, Dr. Shantilal Somaiya and others. From the year 1953/54, the co-operative sugar factories and the prominent leadership from Co-operative Sector like Shri. Vasantdada Patil, Shri. Ratnappanna Kumbhar, Shri. Tatyasaheb Kore, Shri. Baburaoji Tanpure, Shri. Shankaraoji Mohite Patil, Shri. Kakasaheb Wagh, Shri. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil, Shri. Yashwantraoji Mohite, Shri. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil, Shri. Shankarraoji Kale, Shri. Shankarraoji Kolhe, Shri. Shivajirao G. Patil, Shri. P. K. Anna Patil, Shri. Jayantraoji Patil, Dr. Dahyabhai Patel, Dr. Dayarambhai K. Patel, Hon’ble Shri. Sharadraoji Pawar and many others have actively supported the Association.

The strength of the association is in its membership which includes the ‘Patrons’ [The Stalwarts], ‘Companions’ [Sugar factories, Machinery Manufacturers], ‘Life members’ and ‘Associate Members’. At individual level, the membership was represented by Shri. J. P. Mukherjee, Shri. S. N. Gundurao, Shri. G. R. Mahajan, Shri. G. K. Zende, Shri. G. K. Patwardhan, Dr. D. G. Dakshindas, Shri. K. H. Parikh, Shri. B. L. Chakradeo, Shri. H. R. Arakeri, Shri. N. C. Kharkar, Shri. J. H. Huja, Shri. Mangalsingh, Shri. S. V. Arbatti and many others by way of submitting the technical/research papers at the annual conventions. Some of the papers have been acknowledged at International Sugar Conferences. The rich collection of all technical papers discussed and published in seminars and annual conventions is available with the office of the association and can now also be downloaded from the website.

Day to day activities of the association are being controlled with the help of my colleagues Mr. B.V. Shinde, MLA – Ex-President, Mr. Rajendra Shirgaonkar– Ex. President, Mr. S.S. Gangavati – Vice President, Mr. Mansinhbhai K. Patel – Vice President, Mr. S.S. Gangavati – Vice President (Tech), Mr. PNR Rao – Treasurer, Mr. J.H. Kulkarni – Hon. Secretary and Mr. S.B. Deo – Executive Secretary.

The new six storey building of the association has been completed. This building was inaugurated on 2nd July, 12 at the hands of Hon. Shri Sharadraoji Pawar – Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi. This building has auditorium of 180 seats, conference rooms, laboratory, training centre, etc. Training programs are regularly being conducted.

DSTA is proud to state that their Research Laboratory has been granted ISO 9001:2008 in the month of March, 2015. Now application for NABL [National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory] and MOEF [Ministry of Environment & Forests] accreditation is in process.

DSTA has the required equipments and expertise to carry out the sugar related R&D activities as well as analyze of Sugar & Allied Industrial Products.

Shri. M. J. Jadhav
President, DSTA